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SEE Centennial is shaping the path for a sustainable future.

We are committed to providing customers, business owners and employees with an exceptional experience, while incorporating environmentally sustainable operating practices and energy-efficiency measures at our property.

SEE Centennial is built on three cornerstones of Sustainability, Efficiency and the Environment. At Brazos Mall, we recognize our role in environmental stewardship, both as a property manager and a vibrant member of the communities we serve.

How are we doing so far? In 2018, our efforts added up.

At Brazos Mall, we've developed an internal sustainability roadmap that guides how we approach new projects and manage our existing property day to day. Our commitment is reflected in our actions, which include:

  • Working daily with our retailers to recycle cardboard and divert waste from landfills, Brazos Mall diverted 150 tons of waste in 2018. This is the equivalent of 2,099 Volkswagen Bugs of avoided landfill space! By recycling our cardboard, 2,549 mature trees were saved.
  • Brazos Mall recently replaced parking lot lights with energy efficient light bulbs which reduces electricity usage by half without compromising brightness or light levels. In addition, we're in the process of switching from florescent tube lighting to more energy efficient LED lighting around the perimeter of the mall.
  • Brazos Mall actively participates in recycling cooking oil from 10 restaurants and food vendors within the mall. Each food vendor has access to four conveniently located receptacles. 600 gallons of discarded oil was sent to a regional grease recycle center.
  • In addition to the operational improvements, we engage in environmentally responsible events to enhance the customer experience, and give back to the community, including:

  • “Read 2020” is an initiative with the Brazosport Independent School District to help elementary students get excited about reading. “Literacy Bins” located inside the mall collect recycled books for story time events in the mall. Children are invited to leave or take a book. By recycling books, we not only contribute to a child's education, we contribute to improving the environment by diverting books that may otherwise have been thrown away. Literacy bins are located in Center Court near JCPenney and near the movie theater vestibule.
  • Brazos Mall has collaborated with mall restaurants and retailers on The Crayon Initiative to collect used and broken crayons. These crayons are then sent to The Crayon Initiative to be melted down and re-made for donation to Children's Hospitals.
  • In 2018, gently used holiday décor was donated to a community church, as were other supplies like paint and shelves.
  • While we are proud of what we've accomplished, we are always working to institute new programs designed to decrease our carbon footprint, reduce waste, conserve natural resources, reduce our energy use, and save money

    Look for the SEE Centennial logo to identify initiatives that support our commitment to the environment.